Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an Appointment?

You may make appointments by contacting our administrative offices at (415) 715-8632 or by emailing us at

Meetings and schedules are generally set 2 weeks in advance between May and October and 3-4 weeks in advance between November and April.


What is the Initial Consult?

Initial consults are a free of charge first meeting for new clients to meet senior advisors and also for our staff to get familiar with the principals business and operations. These meetings are conducted with principals, owners and/or management staff authorized to transact on behalf of the organization. We request general information pertaining to the business, industry, corporate formation, current accounting setup and needs, financial goals or priorities and transactional information.

Useful information/documents to have on hand:

  • Copies of any existing accounting databases (i.e. Quickbooks, Peach Tree, etc.).
  • Current or periods under review statements for: bank accounts, credit cards, loans and/or any other accounts that may have a material impact on the determination of financial statement amounts.
  • Current or periods under review payroll records.
  • Corporate formation documents (i.e. Secretary of State, IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization).
  • Legal documents or concerns that would generally be disclosed in the foot notes to financial statements.
  • Prior corporate/personal tax returns and schedules.



What are the rates & fees for your service?

Standard rates are charged on a  time and materials basis and billed on a semi monthly schedule unless otherwise noted. New clients are required to post retainers of no less then one half of the total budget and is applied to the first and any subsequent invoices.

Standard Rates:

  • Book Keepers - $60.00 per hour (.25 fractional rounding)
  • Accounting Managers - $75.00 per hour (.25 fractional rounding)
  • Executive Consultants (Financial Statement Analysis) - $105.00 per hour (.50 fractional rounding)
  • Executive Consultants (Audit Prep & Review) - $125.00 per hour (.50 fractional rounding)
  • Executive Consultants (Management Advisory & Review) - $115.00 per hour (.50 fractional rounding)
  • Fiscal quarter/year end and/or setup services require review by senior partners and are generally billed at -$95.00 per hour (.50 fractional rounding)

All onsite appointments have a 4 hour minimum billing block per visit. Project rates and blocks vary depending on length and resources needed to complete scope. Materials are billed at cost. Posted rates are subject to change, contact us for additional information.