About Us

Our mission is to build a trusted personal relationship with our clients in order to meet and exceed the needs of a growing business. We can provide you with financial expertise to cost effectively manage and produce revenue in an unstable economy. Through industry awareness, coaching skills, strategy development, and operational improvements, Lopez-Iwata & Associates will identify and develop key tactics for financial success. During our initial consultation we will match your business with one of our specialized consultants according to the needs and constraints of your business.

Learn about our individual services that we provide below:

Book Keepers

Day to day operations + quarterly and annual review


Book keepers are trained and matched to our clients specific industry and business based on their personal and professional experience. Book Keepers will spend 4-16 hours a week managing your accounts receivable, accounts payable and general banking inquiries while effectively maintaining your day to day financials.


Day to day operations + quarterly and annual review


Managers oversee all book keepers and lower level staff while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the reporting process. Managers generally spend 4-8 hours a week with book keepers and principles, building strategy and compliance policies to effectively facilitate GAAP/IFRS and governmental reporting standards. Our managers are qualified professionals who have worked with small to mid sized businesses with revenue ranging up to 4 million in revenue assets.


Executive Consultants

Day to day operations + quarterly and annual


Executive consultants are qualified professionals specializing in management, corporate structure/strategy, compliance and reporting. Executive consultants have generally taken past positions as interim Controllers, Chief Financial Officers or upper level management in an active or advisory capacity. Executive consultants oversee daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly accounting units in compliance with GAAP or IFRS reporting standards. Executive consultants in conjunction with book keepers and managers assess and implement accounting controls and policies to effectively facilitate accurate and timely reporting of financial statements. Executive consultants interact with business principles, board of directors, upper management, designated client audit and tax firms. Our executive consultants will have a minimum of 5-20 years of financial management experience with startup, personal-small-large corporations with assets up to 30 million.


Collaboration with an outsourced firm for specialized tasks


Often times it’s necessary for our team of managers and executive consultants to source and partner with outside expert(s) for specialized tasks. Medium to Large size organizations often use this service when seeking assistance with public audit compliance, internal controls development and implementation, risk management and systems testing.



As a financial accounting consultancy, we work closely with local partner tax, audit and law firms within the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're looking for recommendations, we would be happy to share our referral network of highly qualified professionals.